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How does Franchising work?

The road to successful franchise system development is actually simpler than you may think! We’re here to help you understand what the road ahead may look like, and some of the key milestones you’ll make your way through in order to take your business from one, to many!

1. Assesment

The first stage of any good franchise development process begins with a thorough assessment of your business and its overall viability as a franchise model. We'll help you asses things like your financials, operation, staffing and supply chains.

2. Refinement

Once your business is deemed "franchise-able", you'll be guided on how to refine or adjust certain processes in order to allow your business to be multiplied and scaled with ease and in a viable sustainable way.

3. Resources

You'll then spend some time translating all of your processes and procedures into clear and easy to use documentation that will allow new franchisee's to easily replicate your business model, and make sure everything is legal and safe!

4. Reach

Next step is all about reaching the right people in order to build your network of potential franchisee's. This includes learning how to market your brand, introduction to networks and training on pitching your franchise.

5. Expansion

Once your business is out there in the market place, you may still want help in making sure you keep growing, building and pushing the boundaries of what your business is capable of! Lets just say - at this point, the sky is the limit! 

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Some of Our Iconic Franchise Stories

Revl Training

We wanted to scale up and build many Revl Training locations and communities around Australia and beyond!


Real 50+



DeckSeal owners Brian and Danielle Burgess were busy, really busy! They needed a growth strategy. They engaged Franchise Right to assist them in the development of a robust and proven franchise business model.


Property Mavens

A woman with a vision, Property Maven's founder Miriam Sandkuhler approached Franchise Right to partner with her to grow her business, to a successful national franchise.



Our goal was to put together a business model that is responsible, profitable for all parties, and, importantly ethical. Franchise Right delivered this within the agreed timeframes, tailored to our operation.


Recovery Lab

Recovery lab had an unique offering, and knew that they could expand around the country. We worked with them to realise this dream.


Hotondo Homes

We were new to E Learning and needed guidance and assistance from someone with franchising and training expertise.


Unique Laser

One of Australias most iconic lazer clinics, Unique Lazer came to us in 2017, to help them build their first franchise model and launch to market.


Paint Pinot

Demand for Paint Pinot events was outstripping availability, so we needed to grow, fast!


Our 6 Offerings to take your business from one, to Infinite.

No matter where you're at in your franchising journey, we can help you grow your business from wherever it is now, to a “Franchise-Ready” model, and beyond!

We’ve been helping Small Businesses become successful franchises for as long as we can remember.

Franchise Right has been the industry leader in developing franchise models for over 2 decades.  We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours, and helped navigate this growth journey, whilst walking side by side every step of the way. 

How We Help Our Clients

We'll tell you how it is. No fake promises, no false horizons.

We’re very serious about making sure your business is viable as a franchise. Each stage is designed to make sure every element of your business model has been considered and addressed, so that when we’re ready to go to market with your franchise model, you are completely set up for success.

If we don’t think your business model will be able to go the distance and become a successful franchise, we’ll tell you! We are with you every step of the way. That means that if red flags or road blocks come up, we’ll catch them and address them before moving forward.

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