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Sue and Anna from Franchise Right were instrumental to us reaching our goal.  

We needed to develop a new e-training program for our Hotondo Franchisees and whilst we had an idea of the content to be covered, we weren’t sure how to go about it, what platform to use, and how to develop formal assessment and reporting.

We were new to E Learning and needed guidance and assistance from someone with franchising and training expertise.

Sue and Anna from Franchise Right were instrumental to reaching our goal.  Sue guided us through a step by step process which kept us on track, but with the flexibility to make improvements and changes along the way.

We’ve now completed our e-learning program and are ready to launch to Franchisees. In addition to this we now have a platform for future E-learning programs and hosting for operational processes, procedures and documents. Sue helped us find the platform, structure the program and setting up videos, content and assessments.

Sue really understood our business model, industry, and franchisees and what make us different to other more traditional retail franchises and applied her understanding to create an e-learning program we are excited about. She was always personable, accessible, and flexible while working with us.

Franchise Right are very knowledgeable partners in the development of training frameworks.

Sue and the team project managed the entire process and were consistently offering suggestions and improvements to help us build a robust franchisee training program that will equip our franchisees to take better control of their businesses.

It’s been a such rewarding experience for us.

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