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"I would highly recommend the services of Franchise Right and working with Sue Campbell and her team.They are very systems and process based, which gave me a pathway upon which to proceed and the certainty of all boxes being ticked as we progressed.Sue’s professionalism, industry knowledge and connections are invaluable and I encourage anyone considering venturing down the path of franchising, to talk to Sue first.

Miriam Sandkuhler, Director – Property Mavens"


"I had a vision of where I wanted to take my business, but no processes to follow and no knowledge of the steps I needed to take to achieve the outcome I wanted. I planned to take my business model and role it out nationally into an affordable business model, targeted towards female estate agents in particular. I was new to the sector , which in itself requires an enormous amount of mental energy to process and grasp, but was lead along the pathway by Sue and her highly competent and professional internal and external team of experts"


Franchise Right was able to provide a complete end to end solution in the form of a complete Franchise Development Project. This included an initial feasibility assessment, due diligence advice, to facilitating introductions to third party experts, development of operations manuals and partner recruitment and marketing strategy.


Completing this project with Franchise Right gave me the confidence to know that I had a viable concept where franchisees could make money, and how to go about marketing to them. Sue and her team were instrumental in my achieving my outcome throughout the year long journey,

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