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"We would like to thank Sue and the team at Franchise Right for their amazing service. Sue is so knowledgeable in everything "franchise". Franchise Right helped us every step of the way from workshops to decide our values, mission and vision, through to our target market and to the most magnificent, detailed and professional operational and technical manuals you could think of. We have felt so comfortable and at ease having Sue, Anna and Alison in our corner. We honestly had no idea the amount of knowledge and skill that was required to set up our franchise. We absolutely could not have done it without Sue. Anyone thinking of setting up a franchise or interested in purchasing a franchise, we highly recommend speaking to Sue and her team at Franchise Right. They will help you every step of the way. Thanks Again Sue"

Danielle and Brian – DeckSeal


Brian and Danielle Burgess were busy, really busy! Their small business was thriving. In fact, over the last two years DeckSeal’s workload had increased beyond their capability to meet client demand. This created limitations in business growth and impacted customer experiences. They needed a growth strategy


Believing wholeheartedly in DeckSeal’s capacity to succeed as a franchise, Danielle and Brian engaged industry professionals to assist them in the development of a robust and proven franchise business model. The first step was to create a financial model and understand the performance parameters and outcomes for both franchisee partners and the franchisor parent business. The model demonstrated long term viability and sustainability. Next came the system design and strategic direction plans, alongside the development of the legal documentation, operational documentation, franchise partner recruitment compliance process and training. Finally Franchise Right worked with DeckSeal to create and implement a Marketing Strategy and plan for launch.


DeckSeal have invested time and money in creating a complete Franchisee Package that provides franchisees with the tools to make a success of their own DeckSeal Franchise. Franchise Right was instrumental to the model development and the roll out to market. DeckSeal now have a vibrant, robust business model and they are armed and ready to throw open the doors to new partners.

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