The Story of

Revl Training


Our Franchise Businesses & Experience

We are happy to recommend Franchise Right to anyone who wants a committed franchise consultancy ready to deep dive into your business and create the future.

They are so knowledgeable, friendly and your success is their success!

We know our Revl Training business model and we know our unique training programs and what they deliver to our amazing clients.

What we didn't know was how to create a franchise system of likeminded passionate business owners.

We wanted to scale up and build many Revl Training locations and communities around Australia and beyond!

Enter Franchise Right!

Sue and the team work tirelessly with us in a staged process where we addressed all of the critical elements to franchising.

Our financial model was developed early in the project and we continued to adjust it as we worked through the franchising process. Our techdeck was analysed for scalability and to ensure our client experience was mapped throughout the Revl Training system.

All of the deliverables were specifically tailored to Revl Training and the outcome was a business that was poised for growth and a management team fully trained to onboard franchise business partners.

Revl Training has now grown with locations up and running in Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, South Australia and in Dubai.

Sue and the Franchise Right team literally ticked all of the boxes and set Revl Training up for success.

Can I franchise my business?

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