What Is Franchising?

Franchising your small business, can be the key to unlocking the life you want.

Franchising provides powerful business solutions. When you set your franchise up in a sustainable way, and take the time to get it right, it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

A well franchised business can result in much more than just an increase in revenue for your business. From uncapped growth capacity, to a national or global business network - we exist to offer businesses more than just an opportunity to multiply.

Interested in what franchising with Franchise Right could offer you? As the leading Franchising Consultants in Australia, we've outlined below the Top 7 Benefits our clients find on their franchising journey with us.

Accelerated Growth
Franchising your business escalates implementation of business growth plans and assists with taking first mover advantage in some industries.

Because franchising offers solutions to:-

·      Time – escalates implementation of business growth plans

·      People –people power in the right positions for business growth

·      Money – increased capital funding assists the system to grow

Franchising also helps businesses to compete with corporate or large scale operations so they can saturate markets before competitors can respond.

Access to Capital
Access to Capital due to franchisee financial investment

Franchising provides access to capital which often eliminates debt or provision of equity in the business. Each franchisee has“skin in the game” in terms of financial investment which allows for system growth.

Accumulation of funds for group marketing provides purchasing power and brand exposure to the target market audience, which, in turn, accelerates franchisee take up of the concept.

Franchising a business develops economies of scale and volume purchasing power.

Scalability is key to a successful franchise network. Deploying existing resources or finding cost-effective solutions to spread over multiple business units results in cost minimisation.

Addressing in place systems and processes with scale in mind can result is positive outcomes from both a financial and quality perspective.

Suppliers and service providers are always interested in volume outputs and franchising often provides them with a vehicle. Franchising optimises purchasing power and volume discounts.

Brand Consistency
Increases brand awareness and consistent customer experience

Growth utilising a franchise model often increases brand awareness and encourages a consistent customer experience.

A quicker expansion time, results in the ability to grow the brand rapidly and consistency throughout your brand helps you to attract new franchisees and customers.

Ensuring that brand values are front, and centre enables franchise partners to grow successful businesses.

Explicit Business Systems
Benefits of integrated systems, controls and standards

The benefits of integrated systems, processes, automation, controls and standards ensures that franchise partners:

·      can operate uniformly

·      improve the overall customer experience

·      make reporting more accurate

·      give the brand a competitive edge

Technology is providing such clever, innovative ways todo business.

Asset Development
A new franchise business creates capital growth in both franchisor and franchisee business models.

The business owner develops a new business asset when they franchise, “the franchisor”. There is potential long term increased value for this asset because it has franchise agreements attached to it. A scalable growth model can be very attractive as a value proposition.

So the exit strategy needs to be in place at the start!

Shared Success
Improved performance due to both parties being invested!

Franchise partners are materially invested in the success of the entire franchise group and this mutual motivation is very powerful.

Typically, a franchise partner operated business suggests improved operational quality. They strive for continual improvement in their team, product or service and financial results.

What Our Clients Say

In what can/should be a super stressful period of the business growth you have made the process seamless and to be honest, really enjoyable.

Mathew James Director Recovery Lab

In what can/should be a super stressful period of the business growth you have made the process seamless and to be honest, really enjoyable.

Mathew James Director Recovery Lab

"We would like to thank Sue and the team at Franchise Right for their amazing service. Sue is so knowledgeable in everything "franchise". Franchise Right helped us every step of the way from workshops to decide our values, mission and vision, through to our target market and to the most magnificent, detailed and professional operational and technical manuals you could think of. We have felt so comfortable and at ease having Sue, Anna and Alison in our corner. We honestly had no idea the amount of knowledge and skill that was required to set up our franchise. We absolutely could not have done it without Sue. Anyone thinking of setting up a franchise or interested in setting up a franchise system, we highly recommend speaking to Sue and her team at Franchise Right. They will help you every step of the way."

Thanks Again Sue, Danielle and Brian – DeckSeal

“We were looking for a quality consultancy company to guide us through setting up the franchise system and Sue from Franchise Right was recommended to me and consulted to our company over a 6 month period. Sue a fit into our culture very quickly and “got” our business and vision. Sue took us on the journey of converting our business brand into a franchise model armed with a well-detailed plan we executed as a team.  Sue’s incredible work ethic, expertise and knowledge in the franchise field was not only comprehensive, it was also displayed by her network of business alliances - all were a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sue to help you take your business to the franchise market. She is without a doubt a leader in the franchise field."

Jeanette Farren - Founder & CEO diggiddydoggydaycare

"The Franchise Right team were extremely lateral and creative in their approach to moulding the specifics of our industry into an effective franchise model. Sue and her team were extremely helpful, responsive, detailed and reliable in all my dealings. They were a pleasure to work with and helped lighten the process by building relationship and rapport. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for expertise in this area."

Jason Smith, Managing Director – Back in Motion

"Sue took the time to really get to know our business, and over the years has become an integral part of our team."

Jenny Wilkinson, Director – Hey Dee Ho Educational Services

"Franchise Right’s assistance and advice during the early days of our franchising journey was invaluable and established our pathway for the future. Sue Campbell and her team were instrumental in developing our systems and assisting us to grow our network. We remain engaged with Franchise Right to this day – utilising their professional skills for a range of our business activities. I would highly recommend Sue and Franchise Right to anyone needing a professional advisor to educate, guide and facilitate business growth."

Peter Nikolakopoulos, CEO – Football Star Academy

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