Package One

Feasibility & Financial Model

Assessing Viability. Understanding whether your business is viable as a franchise is the first milestone. This package enables us to:

  • Determine if the business can be franchised
  • Determine the key structural requirements of the business under a franchise system and assess the financial feasibility of franchising the business.

Package Includes ;

  • Franchisee Financial Projection Models
  • Capital Investment Requirements
  • Key indicators for franchise strategy development
  • Franchisor Roll Out Projection Models

Key to being financially sustainable and profitable will be having a business that is scalable to suit both the size and the geographical dispersion of your market, and that reflects the complexity of your product or service offering.

If a green light emerges, the process can commence, and we proceed to the System Design Package.

This study addresses key considerations to developing a franchise system such as

  • Profitability
  • Scalability
  • Market size
  • Dispersion of demand for the business
  • Complexity of the product/service offering
  • Managerial implications of running the system under franchise conditions
  • Financial and managerial resources
  • Personal and business objectives of the Principals
  • Franchise Fees

Our Other Packages

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