Package Two

System Design

The System Design Package determines the required elements for success!

You’ll need to be looking at everything from your finances, processes, customer experience, supply chain potential and even your end product. We can help you to go through these elements and understand where the strengths are, and where the areas for change are in order to get your business ready to be duplicated!

We work with you to setup the necessary business systems and undertake a series of interactive workshops with your key stakeholders, ensuring a strong foundation for your franchise journey.

Package Includes ;

  • Revenue Streams: Scalability and Future Proofing
  • Company DNA: Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • People: Management, Roles & Responsibilities, Skills, Support Team
  • Marketing: Assets and Brand Management
  • Operations: Customer experience mapping, systems review & gap analysis
  • Technology & Software: Operating platforms & integration into a scalable model
  • Support Services: Obligations of both parties 
  • Minimum Performance Criteria: Determine system KPI's  

It is vital to set the system up correctly at the beginning. That’s why we ask all of the hard questions now. This package is designed to be educational whilst contributing to the foundations of the franchise opportunity.

Once the foundations are set, we build the business and proceed to the Operational Documentation Package.

Our unique consultative approach includes workshops that deep dive into the crucial components required to develop a viable and sustainable Franchise System.  

One that works and helps franchisees achieve their business goals!            

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