Package Three

Operational Procedures and Documentation

Systems and processes must be easily accessed and seen through the eyes of your future Franchise Partners. Careful consideration must be given to what content the Operations Manuals will contain, how the information will be presented and shared with the franchise network.

Package Includes ;

Dependant upon the business model the Operations Manuals may include:

  • Business SetUp Guidelines
  • Sales and theCustomer Experience Mapping
  • Welcome &General Business Information
  • BusinessManagement & Administration
  • HumanResources
  • WorkplaceHealth & Safety
  • Brand Guide
  • EmployeeHandbook  

We develop easy to read operational manuals that will guide your future franchisees in all operational elements, specific requirements of the business, compliance and best practice.

The Operational Manuals set out all the required operational standards and duties required of the Franchise Partner for the successful operation of the business.  They are a constant and necessary living resource to operate an effective and efficient business.

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