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“When our business was at a crossroads of whether to franchise, or expand under our own steam Phil Blain was recommended to us by a fellow industry worker and we contacted him soon after.  We realised immediately that Phil was very knowledgeable and experienced in this field.  We were impressed at his positive attitude towards our brand and his hands on, face to face approach with us as we explained where we wanted to be and our uncertainty the best way to get there.  It was decided that we would work on putting our experience of seven years of running our current business into a manual that could either become a franchise model or an onsite manual for our existing business.  Sue Campbell orchestrated the manual over several months delivering a totally through, all bases covered document. At all times Sue was a pleasure to work with and fascinating to listen too as she imparted her years of experience and advise in this field. This manual is presently being used onsite and is an incredible tool for our management who have complete confidence in it. It has freed us up to focus on other areas, which was exactly the plan.  Phil engaged Josh Moore to do a feasibility study into the pro and cons of franchising or whether we should pursue our own growth expansion. Josh showed us an extremely insightful presentation with a 10 year projection of both models. Josh was conservative and honest in his undertakings and took the time to explain the projections and ramifications to our company at each expansion point.  Phil and Sue’s experience were a standout for us and at all times we felt their total enthusiasm and respect for our brand. We sincerely thank them for that.  There is no doubt that as our business journey continues we will work together again – in fact we look forward to it!”
Melissa and Fiona, Mrs.Parmas

“I have known Phil Blain for over 15 years now with his involvement on the Franchise Council of Australia as a National Director and State President of the Victorian Chapter. I have also used Phil’s services in my business.  In both situations Phil is a true professional and I have found him to be an expert in Franchising and an absolute pleasure to do business with.”
George Yammouni
, CEO, Bathroom Works, Past Chairman, Franchise Council of Australia.

“Phil Blain and the crew are more than a service provider to my business, but an integral part of our business today and in the future.”
Fabian Calle, Director, Chill On Ice Lounge

“Phil’s team were extremely lateral and creative in their approach to moulding the specifics of our industry into a model that blends the best of their experiences. They were extremely helpful, responsive, detailed and reliable in all my dealings. They were a pleasure to work with and helped lighten the process by building relationship and rapport. I would have no hesitation in recommending Phil Blain for expertise in this area.”
Jason Smith, Managing Director, Back in Motion

“The team are our true business partners. Their advice has been and continues to be invaluable. We see this relationship being an integral part of our continued successes.”
Patrick Neoh, Managing Director

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the advice of Phil Blain….I heartily recommend their services”
Chew Boon Kee, Malaysia’s Pets Wonderland

“The team are extremely professional………and have made the journey a total success. The professionalism demonstrated was outstanding and I will definitely be recommending their services.”
Joe Dipierdomenico, Managing Director, Dia Oro Jewellers

“Your willingness to say what needed to be said,; challenge what needed to be challenged; do what needed to be done and then support us whilst we implemented a much needed shift in thinking was the elixir we needed…..For Award Bookkeeping Company, we could not have chosen better traveling companions than your team ….Thanks for the tears, the frustration, the confusion, but most of all, thanks for the best year we’ve had and the better years ahead because of your commitment to, and involvement in, our wellbeing.”
Deb Shugg, CEO, Award Bookkeeping Company

“Phil Blain has been a good adviser to my business and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.”
Joe Cumbo, Managing Director, Marblelife Australia Pty Ltd

“Phil has great knowledge of the Franchise sector and has experience that has been gained through being both a Franchisee & Franchisor.  I have come in contact with Franchisors who have used Phil’s consulting services and have always had feed back of honest, friendly and relevant detailed work, which is always competitively priced.  I have no hesitation in recommending Phil’s services, to any existing or new start up business.
Andrew Skubel, Retail Business Manager, Capt’ n Snooze Management

“I have been in business many years (and successfully I believe) but your advice and support has added another dimension to our thinking here at SuperSeal.  We have another expert on hand when we need it!  You have been readily contactable and willing and eager to help.  Thanks for your support!”
Ray Blaney, Managing Director, Superseal International

“Phil Blain and his team’s commitment and people skills led them to evaluating our company which gave us an insight into the real things going on with the eleven car wash franchises we have. We restructured as a result.  Thanks Phil”
Chris Wilton-Jones, Managing Director, Crystal Car Wash

“….you did an outstanding job providing advice to the Yates Garden Care Group … your input was worth it’s weight in gold as several business risks you identified were neutralised.”
Richard Hill, National Franchise Manager, Yates Garden Care

I have no difficulty in recommending Phil’s services to any organisation that can use his skills and energy to the benefit of their enterprise.”
W.T.Edwards, Managing Director, Milburn Scott

“worth every cent!”
George Messis, Noodle Hut


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