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Now that you’ve finally got your business performing really well, the question is: what next?

How do you grow and prosper?

One option you should certainly examine is whether your business model could work for others under a franchise arrangement. In fact you can’t afford not to examine this option.

Remember, the great majority of franchise chains – including some of the world’s best known names – started off as a single, successful small business.


• Is the business successful?
• What makes you different?
• Have you been trading long enough to prove it works?
• Could that success be replicated?
• Do you have detailed, tested business systems?
• Can the business continue to adapt, evolve and grow?
• Do you have the necessary skills and attitudes?
• As a leader can you keep adding value to the businesses?
• Do you have access to specialist franchising expertise?

Franchising your business is complex as it involves financial, legal, marketing, documentation, training and many other issues.

Many businesses with very promising franchise propositions have floundered simply because they tried to work it all out themselves.

The old adage of “you don’t know what you don’t know” then impacted and the initial attempt to save money finished up costing far more in the long run.
Building a business is like building a big building. If the foundations aren’t strong the building will eventually collapse.

Calling upon expert advice and help could be the single best investment an intending franchisor could make.
Franchise Right, have the specialist expertise available to help you pull all this together and maximise the chances of making your great idea into a great franchising success.
Our people have been in the industry for over 25 years and can boast working with many of Australia’s household names.

Could your business be the next one?

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