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Franchising Steps

Do you want to franchise your business?

Then Franchise Right is here to help you.

Step 1.

Call us on  0409 808 515

After an initial chat, we will want to see you personally and hopefully at your place of work. You won’t benefit yet by visiting ours. We do this to get a better understanding of your business – which must already be profitable, proven, and preferably have operated for a few years. There is no charge for this service and many enquiries stop here if we do not see franchising as your appropriate growth vehicle.

We have a hard earned reputation for brutal truth and integrity. If we don’t think your business is “franchiseable” we will tell you and discuss alternatives.

Step 2

You need to be comfortable with us after the meeting; for information regarding our personal histories and experience click here.  If you have that comfort and we see your potential and share the vision, then we will provide you with a formal quotation.

It will be a fixed fee and there are no hidden fees or extra charges in the small print. We can offer a payment plan for the project duration.

We will be happy to provide you with a list of clients we have worked with and assisted over several decades. You are welcome to call them as you need to be sure Franchise Right is the correct advisor for you.

Step 3

We launch your project and we’ll explain just how we do that at our initial meeting. But be warned, this is an intrusive process and typically takes nine months or more.

Our fees are middle market. We are not cut and paste merchants, nor are we top of town fee gougers.  That’s why most of our work comes from solicitors and accountants as they have their reputations to protect when referring clients to us.

Want to know more?

Give us a call and we’ll have a no obligation chat.

That number again is 0409 808 515

Our Services include

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Franchise System Design
  • Training Programme Development
  • Operational Manual Development
  • Franchisor Compliance Documentation & Training
  • Franchisee Recruitment Documentation & Coaching
  • Business Health Checks
  • Mentoring New Franchisors
  • Training Facilitation

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